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May 2- 3, Tech Days in Basel, Switzerland

The annual Tech Days are one of the biggest Microsoft Technology events in Switzerland. This year’s topics are all about software development and architecture as well as the management of infrastructure. Grigory Grin, Director Platform Strategy, Axinom GmbH, is one of the speakers and talks about how you can build professional websites more efficiently and best practices with .NET based Axinom CMS. View the full agenda here. presentation is on the 3. May 15:25 - 16:25.

TechDays 2011 on Windows Azure

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I am happy to announce that Axinom recently got an official proof of competence for Cloud based customer scenarios on We are able to design, build and deliver Cloud-based applications in customer projects.

In particular runs on Windows Azure:

What is the Cloud?

An approach to computing that’s about internet scale, shared resources, and delivering services on-demand to a variety of devices and endpoints.

Which applications profit from the Cloud?

If your application has a high traffic, fast growing traffic or high peaks in load, you should consider a Cloud offering.

Windows Azure is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering and as such it takes care of Administration (load balancing, failover), Availability and Scalability. 10 and Axinom TV

clock December 13, 2010 09:23 by author Grigory Grin 10 will come with comprehensive support for Media Content. Delivering media content through multiple channels will be more easy as ever. For example, look, how the video content managed by could look like on a Windows Phone 7 device: in WAG

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Finally is available in Web Application Galllery:


Installation runs via WPI (Web Platform Installer).

If you already have WPI 3.0 installed, please go to Options and change the Web Server to IIS (default is WebMatrix WebServer).

Installation manual is here:


Organizing Elements in the Ribbon Toolbar

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Do you know the phenomen: you develop a bigger application and end up with a lot of structure elements and dynamic elements. Your Editor has to scroll the toolbar trying to spot the element he needs at the moment.

What can be done about it?

1. Use Element Groups

With version 9.2 it is possible to group the elements in the ribbon toolbar:

Groups are created with a new section in CmsSite.xml: ElementGroupDefinitions.

        <ElementGroupDefinition axid="Formular" name="Formular controls">
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1001" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1002" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1003" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1004" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1005" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1006" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1007" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1008" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1009" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1010" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1011" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>
                <ElementTemplate axid="dyn_1012" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>

AxID references the elements already defined under ElementTemplateDefinitions.

For a given placeholder you can allow the whole group:

<PlaceholderDefinition axid="basePlaceholder">
        <ElementTemplate axid="GreyCellLine" atLeast="0" atMost="2"/>
        <ElementTemplate groupID="Formular" atLeast="0" atMost="100"/>

It saves time and avoid redundancy mistakes.

If a group is allowed for a placeholder, it also appears on the left in the toolbar allowing to reduce the editor's choice significantly.

2. Use icons to help the editor distinguish the elements easily

For every structure element you create you can optionally define an image to be used in the toolbar. Get use of this feature!

To attach an image use RibbonImage-element under ElementTemplateDefinition:

   <ElementTemplateDefinition axid="20" description="3 columns (3 x 160px)">
      <RibbonImage file="/images/RibbonImages/Elements/3_columns.png"/>

Dimensions of the image are 92x62 px, preferably in PNG-format.

3. Use descriptions understandable for the Editors

The AxID you assign to the element is only used inside CmsSite.xml. But the description-attribute will be shown to the editor. So use it reasonably, allowing the editor to understand what this element is about. Even if you follow the previous advice and do use icons, the descriptions are still shown as a tooltip.

4. Be carefull about named elements

It is possible to give a name to any object on any page. Such named elements automatically appear in the toolbar. If this feature is used often, there are more and more items in the toolbar which look very similar. Many of them are probably outdated.

To remove a named element from the toolbar you just need to find it and remove the name. To find them - go to Edit / Objects and check "Only Named".

A radical way to remove all the named elements would be to run this statemet in the MS-database.


Please only run it if you know what you do.

5. Allow only the elements which are really needed for a given placeholder

For every placeholder you can define the elements which can be added there. Only allowed elements are shown in the toolbar.

You can also define different placeholders for different purpose, limiting number of elements available for each placeholder.

Apply this advice with care: if you do too much optimizig, your editors will start missing elements here and there.


As you see, there is a lot, developers can do for the editors and increase the success chances of their project.

More Tutorials for Developers

clock November 17, 2010 09:45 by author Grigory Grin

Recently we extended the tutorial "Creating a Product Catalog" and updated for the latest changes in 9.x.

Additionally to the previously described topics (how to create a custom object, how to implement an overview/detail pages for it) you can learn now:

  • how to implement publishing for custom objects
  • how to implement new activities / bulk operations
  • how make your object classifiable (allow end user to attach categories to it)
  • how to add your custom pages to the top menu

Fully functional source code for the tutorial will be available with the next version of Premium Template Project.

Meanwhile we offer many other developer tutorials in Help & Support Center: with only one virtual directory

clock September 22, 2010 16:58 by author Grigory Grin

A typical installation on one server would need 3 web sites or 3 virtual directories in IIS:

  • for MS (/AxCMSweb_MySite)
  • for LS (/AxCMSwebLive_MySite)
  • for Publish Services (/AxCMSPublishService_MySite)

Good news: you can come up with only one virtual directory and nesting the other stuff below:

  • The LS runs in the root virtual directory ("/MySite")
  • MS resides in a subdirectory ("/MySite/MS")
  • PublishService resides in another subdirectory ("/MySite/Publish")

A typical issue in such configuration is the inheritence of the web.config parameters (you have one web.config in the root directory and one in MS or Publish subdirectories). The sub-applications might try to use some of the root web.config parameters, which leads to confusion. To avoid that,  you can put the most keys on the LS web.config into the location-element and turn off the inheritance, here is an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
             <location inheritInChildApplications="false">

If you wish more details, please contact me. Development Process

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Finally documented the most important facts about development process with


Here are some topics & development steps covered:

  • Roles in Development
  • Products and Services from Axinom - in a structured way
  • Environments
  • Customer Solution Structure
  • Acquire
  • Acquire Template Project
  • Create Project
  • Setup Development System
  • Setup Source Control
  • Setup Production System
  • Release
  • Deployment
  • Upgrade
  • Develop
  • Check-In
  • PostBuild
  • View
  • Debug

Is there anything else you would like to know about the topic?

New services for Partners and not only

clock August 30, 2010 15:21 by author Grigory Grin

Technical Consulting

To help our Partners ( Solution Provider) with their first project we offer now to the new partners free technical consulting (up to 2 hours telephone / netviewer session). It boosts the proejct and helps to avoid the typicall pitfalls.

More info:

Installation Service

Do you have difficulties with Installation? We install on your PC (remotely)! This service includes:

  • Checking and installing necessary pre-requisites
  • Installing with Stadard- or Premium Template Project
  • Aquiring and configuring development license for you
  • Testing the installation
  • Solving possible problems

Custom configurations upon request.

More info: Licenses are issued automatically now

clock August 17, 2010 15:29 by author Grigory Grin

You don't have to wait for your license anymore if you request it online. The license file is generated automatically and sent back to you via email.

More reading about the topic licensing:

And the best thing about Licenses is - they are free of charge!


Grigory Grin - welcome to Blog!   Grigory Grin / Axinom GmbH / Director Platform Strategy


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